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Fraud and Compliance are intertwined. The Risk of Fraud is not a control or compliance failure, but control and compliance failures elevate the likelihood of the occurrence of fraud as well as its potential severe impact on a business. There are many pressures and opportunities that enable the occurrence of fraud.


In the recent past, cases of fraud have continued to increase yet overwhelmingly companies are either holding compliance programs and anti-fraud measures flat or reducing them. It is estimated that between 5 – 7% of organizational revenues are lost to occupational fraud each year. The % is even higher where poor controls or weaker operating environments exist.
Occupational fraud can be drastically reduced through strengthening and optimizing the appropriate management and internal control systems. We understand internal controls. We also understand opportunities and motivations that enable fraud to occur.
We leverage this expertise to help our clients to evaluate, design and implement effective an internal control environment, policies and procedures that deter and detect fraud timely.
Our services include:
– Fraud Control health checks
– Fraud Risk Assessments
– Fraud Risk Awareness training

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