Corporate Ethics & Culture

ethicsThe Corporate Ethics & Culture value proposition is part of our Governance, Risk and Compliance practice.
Corporate Ethics – said to be practices and policies around the code of conduct, corruption, insider trading, corporate social responsibility, fiduciary responsibilities, etc.
Culture – often loosely defined as “the way we do things around here”. A simple statement but that which means a lot to corporate success, sustenance and survival.
“The way we do things around here” attitude largely defines ethical practices an organization employs on its business dealings. This attitude is manifest through “tone at the top” and is largely a key component of Corporate Governance.
Our understanding of the issues around Ethics and Culture — the exposures the Board & Management can see as well as the ones they can’t — directs us to create a dialogue with Management, to ask better questions and enable Management to see ethical blind spots that can create real harm to an organization and in particular assist Management and employees;

⦁ Embrace company values that foster good corporate citizenship
⦁ Understand and promote their corporate mission
⦁ Conduct business ethically
⦁ Meet or exceed regulatory compliance standards

Through our experience working with reputable organizations, we can create innovative solutions that help enhance and accelerate value adding ethical and cultural policies & practices within organizations. Additionally, we work with Management to ensure that policies and practices are embedded in the core of organizational processes. It is not about adopting one-off solutions but rather embedding sustainable approaches that enable an organization to remain successful. Our service offerings include:

⦁ Corporate culture and ethics training
⦁ Corruption perception surveys
⦁ Employee /Vendor/Customer satisfaction surveys
⦁ Development of a corporate ethics charter
⦁ Compliance and enforcement of ethics /code of conduct requirements

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